5 Best Free WordPress Plugins for New Bloggers

Every new blogger always wants their website very fast, smooth, optimized, and user-friendly. So if you are a beginner in WordPress and don’t know which plugins are good for your website then you come to the right place know.

Here we are talking about the 5 best free WordPress plugins that should definitely be installed on your website.

Here is the list


Updraft Short Web Story

Updraft is a super easy plugin that will help to take backup or restore your WordPress website with one easy click. As we all know creating a backup from the server itself makes you very costly and not as easy as well.

The best feature of this plugin is an automatic backup of your choice like weekly, daily, or monthly. We can also save our backup file with Google Drive, AWS, One Drive, and many more and it is very easy to use.

Even if you don’t know How to take backup or restore your website then this plugin will definitely help and many articles on the steps are also published over the internet. You can check it out for more information.

WP Rocket

Wp Rocket Short Web Story
WP Rocket

Everyone wants their website 100% optimized with super speed and if you also like speed then this particular plugin is for you. Basically, this plugin will enhance your speed by 5 times of a normal WordPress website even if your website contains too much CSS animation and AdSense load.

The WP Rocket is actually taking the cache of your website which boosts your loading time and improves your PageSpeed score. It is also easy to use and easy to integrate with just one click.

There are actually many plugins in the WordPress market that claim good speed but none of them are best as compared to this plugin. In my suggestion and even this Short Web Story website is using this plugin only.


Elementor Short Web Story

If you love designing with lots of customization then this plugin you should definitely check out. This is also very easy to use and user-friendly even non-technical guys who know nothing about HTML, CSS, or Javascript can simply create a very eye catchy website with their capability.

Elementor comes with just drag and drop features where you can find every element in sequential order and you just have to take it by simply dropping in the website and the remaining things Elementor plugin itself takes care of your customization.

The Elementor launched in 2016, it’s already grown tremendously with a 4.8-star rating and 6000+ reviews.

Rank Math SEO

Rank Math Seo Short Web Story
Rank Math SEO

SEO plays a vital role to get your page indexed on Search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Basically, SEO helps you to know scores that give you a detailed insight into your post or stories.

Again, WordPress has so many SEO plugins but the feature that Rank Math is providing even in the free version is much helpful for ranking your website and getting organic search automatically.

Not only optimize the post for indexing but also at the same time, it will give you options to edit the schema. Schema is one of the important things you should do for crawlers to understand your website very easily.

LuckyWP Table of Contents

Lucky Wp Table Of The Content Short Web Story
Lucky WP Table of Contents

This is a very amazing plugin you should definitely check for Ranking and a very effective way for writing new blogs. Actually, Lucky WP Table of Contents highlights all your Heading (H2) and Sub Heading (H3, H4) in a link that also help search engine to know the content in sequential order.

Not only does it highlight the heading or title but also gives navigation with the link on the Page itself. So the user who is reading your blog can directly click and start reading without wasting too much time.

It makes your website very effective and user friendly and you should download this plugin as it is available without any cost that provides you premium features.


These are my personal 5 best free WordPress plugins opinion. Do check it out all and let us know your comment below. If you have any queries or suggestions on the above post kindly please do reach out by the social handle or by clicking on the Contact page.

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