Google Web Stories – Complete Guide (2022)

Today friend, we are going to cover a very trending topic about Google Web Stories in detail.

In case you are new or going to start your first ever Google Web Story on your Blog or WordPress then this will definitely help you and guide you to make it in a very easy and crisp way.

After reading this post, you will get to understand the following things:

What are Web Stories?

Google Web Story Homepage
Source: Google

Web Stories is actually a new feature that come on the internet last year i.e., 2021. As we all are aware that in the old time people were actually love blogging. They spent lots of time reading new articles, blogs, and news but in the mid of 21st century. It is found that people mostly like the video as compared to reading because of simple illustration with multiple ways of practical demonstration that people can understand very easily in a laymen’s language.

That’s how many video websites such as Dailymotion, and YouTube started and went on trending at that time. As time went another new viral and trending thing happened which is a short video. Actually, the short video is a new revolutionary thing happening across the globe, and the main leader that ruled the initial days were Tiktok and Vigo Video, and many others. Recently these features have been rolled out on Instagram as Reels and Facebook as a Story and reels by Meta.

So, coming to the final conclusion we saw that people are more interested to see many contents in a very short span of time and here it is the Web Stories idea developed and rolled out recently by Google as Google Web Stories.

What is actually Google Web Stories and why does it come into the picture?

Google Web Stories are newly created by Google to support the blogger with a new way of sharing more articles in a short span of time. So far these new features are recently got launched in three countries i.e., US, India, and Brazil. Google will launch this new feature in more countries in the upcoming days.

On an on-trend basis, this Google always develops something innovative and something new from time to time. As per the recent chart and trend of people’s interest, it is found that people are mostly spent most of their time only on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Also, it is noticed that people love to share their thought in form of Stories or Short videos.

Basically, Google Web Stories are published by the Google discover page itself, and also Google is supporting more and more users either Beginner or Experienced which really matters at this time.

Why Start with Google Web Stories?

As we already saw that this is a very new feature that recently got launched on Google. So many people at this time are not aware of how to use it, where to use and why to use it.

Don’t mind, if you are reading this article then you will get to know everything in detail about the Google web stories.

Google itself motivate all blogger either Beginner or experienced to create a Web story and publish it on their existing blog or create a new WordPress blog and also start a good amount of money.

Google web stories are not restricted to just stories but also you can do many more cool features like promoting your affiliate link, new article, blogs, or even your youtube video.

How to create a new Web Stories blog on a new or existing WordPress website?

To get started with Web Stories, you must have a blog or a running website. If you don’t have a website or blog then no need to worry because we will cover every step in detail.

Here, we are dividing this section into two parts:

  • New User or very beginner-level user
  • Old user or Experienced level user

New user or very beginner-level user

If you are a new user who wants to make a blog or stories or even an entry-level or beginner-level user then we would highly suggest you go with a premium shared server.

Today there are so many companies that are providing you web hosting and web domain but still, their after-sales support is not up to the mark, and from our suggestion which provides a complete overall package in terms of everything like web hosting, web server, and after-sales support we recommend Hostinger.

Hostinger is a very cheap and premium shared offering hosting. It is very easy to create and start your website with Hostinger also it provides you 30 day of Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like the service.

Now, we are going to show step-wise steps on how to set up a new blog from the scratch:

Firstly, log in with

Hostinger Homepage
Source: Hostinger

Now, select the best plan for your budget.

Hostinger Price View
  • We can see multiple prices over time (select your plan wisely with your budget and requirement) Choose a period
Latest Price Of Hostinger
  • Create your account
Create Your Account
  • Select Payment
Select Payment

After successful payment, it will automatically redirect to H-panel (C-Pannel)

Here, we have to set a new password.

Set New Password

Now, it will ask for two options Build a website or Migrate my website. Select Build a website

Migrate Or Create A New Website

After that, we need to select a platform. We will select WordPress because it is very friendly and easy to use with Google web stories.

Select A Platform Like Wordpress

Here, we have to select the blog template. We would suggest skipping and recommending Generate Press theme for a fast and light version that will help you to speed up the website next level.

Wordpress Theme Sample

Now, from the Hostinger you can claim a free domain. If you have an existing domain then you have to configure the nameserver but we recommend going with free and also no need to configure anything for the web domain. It is pre-configured if you claim a free domain from Hostinger.

Claim A Free Domain

After this, you have to select the server location. While choosing server location one thing to keep in mind that always try to select the nearest server from the target location for example if your target location is the USA then select US Server for better speed and better ping response.

Image 10

Complete the registration process by filling in your primary detail like Name, Country, and Contact detail then click on Finish Registration.

Image 11

Now, your WordPress website is ready for live. Here you have to click on Edit Website or the Control Panel option will open where you can Customize your website with many options.

Image 12

Old user or Experienced-level user

The old or experienced level user can start the process from the given below steps.

After clicking on the Edit Website, the WordPress Dashboard will open. We need to click on the appearance section and click on Add New option from the top section and search Generate Press as mentioned in the below image.

Wordpress Image
Source: WordPress

Once the theme has been installed for your website then create a new category. This is one of the important sections so that the end user can easily understand the categories and posts that help them to easily navigate through your website.

Important Plugins

To run a very smooth and fast WordPress blog or web story we need some important plugins that should be installed in your blog.

Here is the list of important plugins for your WordPress Google Web Stories or your blogs.

  1. Ad Inserter (After Google Adsense Approval)
  2. AMP
  3. Google Sitekit
  4. Google Web Stories
  5. Rankmath SEO
  6. Shortpixel
  7. Updraft Plus
  8. Wp-Rocket

How to Install Google Web Stories?

To get a Google web stories option in your WordPress, you need to first install the plugin and then activate it. Similarly to this, you have to install all the important plugins.

Important Plugin For Wordpress
Source: WordPress Plugins

Google Search Console and Site Map

For every new website, we need to put our website in the Google Search Console. The main advantage of this is when we create a new post that time Google will automatically know and it will start getting indexed in the search result.

Firstly Sign In with your Google account in Google Search Console.

Once you successfully signed in then go to the C-Panel of Hostinger where we need to verify the domain ownership in Google Search Console. For verification, we need to download the TXT record from Google Search Console and update it into the DNS Zone editor from Hopstinger C-Panel.

After a minute your WordPress blog will successfully be added to the Google Search Console.

In the Search Console, you will find the Sitemap option. This sitemap is very important to get updates into the Google Search Console for ranking and indexing.

Google Search Console For Sitemap For A Website
Source: Google Search Console

For getting Sitemap, you need to install RankMath Plugins as we mentioned in the important plugins list. We can also see this from the below image.

Rank Math Seo Plus For Wordpress Plugins

Once your sitemap is submitted into your Google Search Console then whenever you publish a new blog or web story. Google will automatically crawl the indexes and update them into the Google Search result.

Web Story Monetization

To get earnings, you need to monetize your web story with Google Adsense. if you already have a Google Adsense account then it is well and good otherwise you have to follow the below process:

  • To get Adsense approval, first, you need to Sign up for a Google Adsense account.
  • After Signup, make sure you have to add your current blog where you want to monetize.
    • Before submitting your website to Google Adsense, you need to post at least a minimum of 8-10 quality content posts where in each category 2-3 posts should be there.
    • Mandatory Pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy should be there.
    • If you want to target the U.S. audience on your website then Adsense Disclaimer Page should be there.
    • Similarly, if you want to use your blog for affiliate marketing purposes then you should publish an affiliate disclaimer page on your WordPress blog.
  • If your Adsense is not approved then please read carefully the rejection mail and do follow the given instructions.
  • Be authentic with information and do not copy the content from another website. It should be yours only and 100% original.
  • Give your website a brand logo because the logo makes your website more authentic and professional.
  • Once you follow all the above processes then you are good to go for the Monetization of your WordPress blog.
  • To ON the monetization, you have to go to the settings of web stories and then select Google Adsense, put the publisher ID from your AdSense account, and click on confirm button.
Web Story


Friend, firstly very-very thanks for reading my blog on Google Web Story. We hope you really like the post which we created from the scratch in a very simple layman’s language.

In the next blog, we will be talking more about how to make an effective Google Web Story and some Top-5 tips that will definitely boost your story on the discover page of Google.

If you have any comments or suggestions for the above content. We will listen and implement it as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to share this blog with your friends, or relatives and tell them to start the Google Web Story from today.

Finally, friend today’s Web story competition is very low as compared to others and the scope of earning is more. So why wait just do it from today and wish you guys all the very best.

Is Google Web Stories supported on Desktop?

Currently, Google Web Stories is supported only on mobile devices. We can create web stories with the help of Desktop devices.

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